Complete Field Guide for Large Dog Owners [Ebook]

Do you often find yourself Googling issues related to caring for, training, or addressing behavior issues with your large breed dog?

Do you wish you had a one-stop guide for all your dog-related questions and concerns?

Look no further.

This field guide to adult large breed dogs is meant to serve as a quick reference on a number of topics, problems, and scenarios you may face in your days as a large breed dog owner.

Whether you’ve recently adopted a large breed adult dog or you are a seasoned dog owner, you’re bound to benefit from the wealth of information in this guide.

Topics covered include grooming, first aid, nutrition, exercise and mental stimulation, training basics, addressing behavior issues, travel tips, and more.

As an owner of a large dog, this will be your "go-to" anytime you're not sure about something.  After reading this, you will know exactly what to do in almost any scenario you encounter as a large dog owner.

Not only will you get a ton out of this book upon first reading it, but it will serve as a resource that you continue to reference year after year.

Large Dog Ebook Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee:  We've spent a lot of time and worked extremely hard to make this ebook as useful as possible for you.  So we're confident that after reading this ebook, within the very first month, you will discover a handful of new ways you can improve your life and your dog's life.  And if not?  Just let us know and you'll receive a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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About the Author:

Alli Wittbold is a writer who lives in the woods of New England with her husband, daughter and three (!) large breed dogs—Eyva, a senior Siberian Husky, Banjo, an adult Labrador Retriever, and Moose, a young German Shepherd that they “foster-failed” in early 2018.

Alli is a total dog-lover and believes that most obstacles you are facing with your dog can be cured with more exercise. She aims to empower dog owners to uphold the commitment they made to their furry friend by teaching them to solve common dog-related challenges and meet their dog's daily needs.

Daily off-leash hikes are how Alli stays sane as a work-at-home-mom to a toddler and three working breed dogs. Growing up in a family that always had dogs, and now with a pack of her own, she can’t imagine life any other way.  When not writing or trying to tire out the pack, you will find her trying out a new recipe in the kitchen. You can learn more about Alli on her writer website.



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