• VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Our proprietary natural rubber compound is engineered to be as strong and indestructible as physically possible. Whether you have a high-energy dog who plays non-stop, or a super aggressive chewer, our toys are designed and proven to outlast it all. Give your big dog a real challenge with a toy they’ll love!
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED: Our industrial-strength natural rubber toys are tested & approved by thousands of large dogs and the most aggressive chewers: German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Bully’s, Labs ,and more. Our toys have passed the ultimate test, with great reviews to back them up! So if your dog can destroy our toys, they are one of the toughest dogs around ;)
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Our dog toys are made with a unique natural rubber compound that is 100% safe & Non-Toxic, tested and verified by a 3rd party, and unlike most "durable" dog toys, they aren’t made of hard synthetic materials like plastic or nylon, so they won’t splinter and won’t harm your dogs dental health (not to mention your floors and furniture). For your dog’s health, and your peace of mind
  • PERFECT SIZE:  Slightly larger than a tennis ball — makes it easy to throw and the perfect size for any medium or large sized dog; its size and heavy-duty design make it perfect for throwing long distances for those fetch-loving dogs, and it’s tough enough to withstand heavy chewing when your dog is tired of running
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: If you buy any dog toy from us and it doesn’t last as long as you think it should (congrats -- you're in the 1%!), we will issue you a full refund or a one-time replacement at anytime during the life of the product. No return shipping, no extra cost to you -- simple & hassle-free. We take great pride in being a small, product-focused business that stands behind their products with the absolute best customer service.

Here's a Short Review from our Blogger Alli.... 

Probably one of the most common and popular toys for any large-breed dog that likes retrieving is a ball. Today I want to talk about the Monster K9 Indestructible Ball so that you never have to replace a ball your dog has destroyed again!

I’m the writer here at Monster K9, but I also have three large breed dogs of my own—and two of them are obsessed with retrieving. My German Shepherd, Moose, especially loves to play fetch with this ball. Before I was introduced to the Monster K9 toys, we used tennis balls only. I don’t even want to think about how many tennis ball bits my Shepherd has ingested. Eeek.

But with this ball, he can sit and chew obsessively after a round of fetch, and I don’t have to worry—it’s non-toxic AND indestructible! Let me give you the low down from my pack to yours.


This ball has a 7cm diameter, which makes it the exact same size as a baseball. It’s has a nice weight to it like a baseball too, which makes it perfect for throwing. You can get some real distance on this baby!


The natural, non-toxic rubber is what makes this ball stand up to the toughest chewers, and the size is ideal for medium and large-breed dogs’ mouths. Because it’s a ball, it gets daily use in the form of fetch, and Moose always seems to like chewing things so much more if we’ve recently been playing or engaging with it.

This ball is much heavier than other similar-sized balls. Interestingly, this seems to make my Shepherd enjoy games of fetch a lot more. I think because he has such a large and strong jaw, he likes the added challenge and feel of the heavier ball.

I’m not sure how to explain it exactly, but he totally prefers this to a regular tennis ball. I really think it’s the weight of it! I notice it with the Monster K9 Indestructible Football, too.


  • Fetch: this is the perfect ball for fetch with a large-breed or strong-jawed dog
  • Try a game of hide and seek: have your dog sit and stay while you go hide the ball somewhere in the house. Release them and have them go find it. My guys go nuts for this game and it’s great for their mental stimulation
  • Solo chewing: if your dog already likes to sit and chew or rip apart balls, this will definitely fit the bill


For my dogs, the heavy weight of this ball is a benefit. Like I said above, my German Shepherd seems to like the added challenge of a heavier ball, and my husband likes that he can really chuck it across the yard due to the weight. However, for some owners, this might be a drawback. It definitely takes a bit more muscle to send it far.

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Wish it would have lasted longer then 10 days
Great company and customer service
He loves it
My dog loves his new Ball and Chew Ring
Great product
Indestructible Dog Ball
So Far So Good
Good for 3 weeks
monster ball
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04 Jan 2021
I recommend this product

Very good

The ball is as durable as described. My Rottweiler has not been able to bite off any of it which is just short of a miracle!

United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball Review
03 Jan 2021
I recommend this product

Indestructible Ball

Our 75 pound pitbull loves this ball. He's a very aggressive chewer, but this ball is holding up well so far. After having it for a week there are definitely some signs of wear, but no pieces missing. He also has the chew ring and chew stick and those are both super durable as well. After trying tons of "indestructible" dog toys from other companies, these are definitely some of the longest lasting toys I've found.

Selina M.
United States United States
31 Dec 2020
I recommend this product

Great Toy for my Heavy Chewer Pitbull!

My experience has been excellent so far. My pitbull seems to like this ball and it is still completely in tact after about 2 weeks. My dog can chew apart a tennis ball in the matter of a couple minutes, so this will hopefully save us money and the headache of constantly replacing them. The ball is very heavy and seems to be made well.

King B.
United States United States
05 Dec 2020
I recommend this product

Doc Loves his Ball!!

Doc is the very definition of a power chewer. We can't get soft toys for him. Even the squeaky toys labeled for tough chewers don't last a hot minute around him. He will chew Nylabones and similar items, but balls are his favorite. Kong Extreme balls will last around an hour before he starts getting slivers, then chunks out of them. Other, similar products have lasted about as long. I was only hoping for a little longer life with the MonsterK9 ball, but he's had this for probably three weeks now, and it's still intact! There are some tooth marks in it now, but no pieces missing, and he loves playing with it. He likes to juggle, and has a learned a new trick - push it under the couch so ma has to get it. I'm thrilled, though, that I don't have to keep taking his ball away to make it last longer! This is a great product. Thank you, MonsterK9!

Linda P.
United States United States
30 Nov 2020
I recommend this product

Awesome Toys!

I have 2 dogs that have these balls and absolutely love them! One has had his for a couple months, the other just a few weeks, but so far, even with intense effort by both to destroy them, their efforts are only yeilding light scratches to the outside of the ball, no actual damage at all yet. Great toy for power chewers!

Gloria G.
United States United States
27 Nov 2020
I recommend this product

Indestructible Dog ball

So far Dilly is not able to destroy this ball. He usually kills a toy within 5 minutes. He also loves it!

United States United States
18 Nov 2020
I recommend this product

Amazing Ball

Even though our puppy destroyed the ball, it was months, not minutes or days like the rest of the "indestructible" toys we have purchased from other companies.

Darla T.
United States United States
18 Nov 2020
I recommend this product

Second toy from this company

So far so good, these balls are solid! I got two power chewers and they love these and they seem near impossible to destroy. I also bought the chewring maybe a year ago and it's still got plenty life left. Highly recommend and would definitely purchase from this company again. Just to add, the customer service is excellent as well if there's ever any issue.

William S.
United States United States
18 Nov 2020
I recommend this product


My pup Finn absolutely loves your chew toys. He is busy chomping and playing ball all day. We are so appreciative. Finn is no longer chomping on our furniture!! We all thank you. Aine

Aine P.
United States United States
15 Nov 2020
I recommend this product

A Real Favorite!

I bought the Indestructible Dog Ball for one of my dogs, a Pit Bull, as he loves to play fetch, and chew on his ball when not running with it. He absolutely loves this ball! He's had it for about a month now, and so far, zero chips or damage, other than surface scratches. It didn't take long to realize that my other Pit was crazy about it as well, so have ordered another ball just for her. :-) She goes absolutely crazy over this ball! She has a rubber ball from a different manufacturer that she used to love playing fetch with, that is until she tried this ball, now she doesn't even touch the other one! I only recently learned about Monster K9 toys, and am so glad I gave them a try! I have 5 dogs, all love to chew, and 2 of them are serious chewers, so a great investment as well. The ring, which I purchased for the "Toy Destroyer," has actually withstood her determined 'affections' for over a month with zero visible damage! My dogs and I are quite happy with these toys, and they have proven to be very durable so far. Best of all, the dogs absolutely love them!

Gloria .
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball ReviewMonster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball Review
07 Nov 2020
I recommend this product


THIS has become Oakley’s favorite toy! She can destroy a tennis ball in a few minutes, but this ball has held up to some tough chewing and several rounds of fetch, with no issues! It is the perfect size and texture for her to chew, chase and carry. After a couple weeks, it has some teeth marks but has held up remarkably, with no missing pieces! I was hesitant but now I’m impressed!

Brenda L.
United States United States
22 Oct 2020
I recommend this product

Indestructible ball

Great! Our Irish wolfhound loves it!!

Jim C.
United States United States
20 Oct 2020
I recommend this product


My Zora is a destroyer of toys. And she has not been able to destroy these at all

jody p.
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball Review
18 Oct 2020
I recommend this product

Happy puppy

My boy is a chewer and things dont last. He loves his new ball and its going strong which is great for me. Definitely will be adding more monster k9 to his toy box. Thank you for great string Loki proof ball ❤

Cherokee P.
United States United States
04 Sep 2020
I recommend this product

Tough Toy

My dog loves the toy. He tries to chew it it falls out her mouth and bounces so she chases.

Venus L.
United States United States
31 Aug 2020
I recommend this product

Great sturdy ball

Our pup is a lab and is an aggressive chewer. We went thru numerous tennis balls that lasted only hours. This ball has worked out great!

Diana C.
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball Review
30 Aug 2020
I recommend this product

Love theses indestructible balls

That are great for playing fetch with my golden retriever. Only he likes me to chase him after he gets the ball, he would rather chew on it. Definitely a good idea to play with two balls and treats.

Bonnie T.
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball ReviewMonster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball Review
20 Aug 2020
I recommend this product

Monster ball

My dog is obsessed with this ball She even sleeps with it

Amy T.
United States United States
17 Aug 2020
I recommend this product

Dory & Dwight meet their match!

Wonderful to buy a toy that lasts like the Indestuctible Dog Ball - a new experience at our house. My 60 and 85 pound pits get so excited when it's time to play. Dwight loves to catch the ball on the bounce - something he never did before. When I stop throwing the balls, they settle down for some relaxing chew time, with NO damage done. Thanks!

Christine W.
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Solid Ball Review
20 Jul 2020
I recommend this product

Truely indestructible

We've bought many balls for our Pit Bull, Trouble. The monster ball is the best.

Susan W.
United States United States

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Super Tough Toy
Wish it would have lasted longer then 10 days
Tough stuff
They only toy my Rottweiler can't destroy