• VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Our proprietary natural rubber compound is engineered to be as strong and indestructible as physically possible. Whether you have a high-energy dog who plays non-stop, or a super aggressive chewer, our toys are designed and proven to outlast it all. Give your big dog a real challenge with a toy they’ll love!
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED: Our industrial-strength natural rubber toys are tested & approved by thousands of large dogs and the most aggressive chewers: German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Bully’s, Labs ,and more. Our toys have passed the ultimate test, with great reviews to back them up! So if your dog can destroy our toys, they are one of the toughest dogs around ;)
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Our dog toys are made with a unique natural rubber compound that is 100% safe & Non-Toxic, tested and verified by a 3rd party, and unlike most "durable" dog toys, they aren’t made of hard synthetic materials like plastic or nylon, so they won’t splinter and won’t harm your dogs dental health (not to mention your floors and furniture). For your dog’s health, and your peace of mind
  • FOR BIG DOGS THAT LOVE FETCH: Large dog’s are hard wired for chasing, fetch, and tug of war. And our rubber disc is tough enough to challenge them day after day with constant exercise and enjoyment. They won’t want to let it go!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: If you buy any dog toy from us and it doesn’t last as long as you think it should (congrats -- you're in the 1%!), we will issue you a full refund or a one-time replacement at anytime during the life of the product. No return shipping, no extra cost to you -- simple & hassle-free. We take great pride in being a small, product-focused business that stands behind their products with the absolute best customer service.

 Here's a Short Review from our Blogger Alli...

Talking dogs is one of my favorite topics. I love sharing stories about my own three dogs and hearing about others' dogs. They are such a part of the family! I love to get recommendations on things like dog foods, good hiking spots, and products.

Now that I’ve become familiar with the Monster K9 toys, I’m always raving about them to my doggie-loving friends. When I first started writing here, it was to research and share interesting and informative content related to dogs. Getting introduced to a new dog product my own pack loves was a bonus!

Today I thought I’d share our experience with the Ultra Durable Disc. This is one of the most versatile toys in the Monster K9 product line, making it perfect for dogs who like all different kinds of play or for homes with more than one dog.

indestructible frisbee dog toy


This toy is a circular disc with an 8.5-inch diameter. A quick google search will tell you that a traditional disc has a diameter of 8-10 inches, so this falls on the smaller end of that range.  It’s made of extremely durable, natural rubber that is virtually indestructible and non-toxic to boot. No chemicals here.


Out of all the Monster K9 toys, the Disc gets the most playtime by all three of my dogs. That’s definitely because of its versatility. Because it’s a disc that’s easy to fly through the air, it’s great for fetch. My Lab and Shepherd love jumping up for on the fly catches.

It also has a bit more flexibility than some of the other products. This bendability makes it appealing for solo chewing, especially for my older Husky. She’s able to position it just right between her paws to get the perfect chewing angle.

Because of the lip and size, it makes a great tug of war toy. You can get in on a game with your dog (which is what we do) but dogs that like to play together may enjoy a dog-only game.


  • Games of fetch, especially for dogs that jump high and catch on the fly. It’s perfect for that! And unlike your plastic Disc from college, you dog won’t destroy this and render it useless
  • Solo chewing with this toy is fun because of its large size and pliability. My dogs love folding it into the perfect position between their paws
  • Tug of war is great with this toy because of its flex and the lip that goes around the outside edge


Other than solo chewing, my dogs don’t seem to play independently with this toy. My Shepherd will take the football or ring toy out and toss it around and chase it himself, but for some reason, he sees the Disc as a human playing toy. Not sure if it’s just my guys, or if yours might feel the same way.



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05 Sep 2021
I recommend this product

Fabulous! I’ll let the attached video say it all. I have recommended this product to two people over the last week and I hope they will accept my recommendation. They won’t be sorry!

Kevin D.
United States United States
24 Jul 2021
I recommend this product
Ultra Durable Frisbee

So far the frisbee is holding up well. We haven’t had it very long. Loki is a huge frisbee dog. So I’m hoping this one won’t tear as quickly as the last one. It does fly really well.

Ellen F.
United States United States
15 Jul 2021
I recommend this product
Holds up to destructive monkeys!

My team recently purchased this frisbee for our troop of Japanese macaques. Although they are notoriously hard on toys, this one has held up great! The flexibility of the frisbee is delightful. We are quite impressed with this brand so far and look forward to trying out more of their toys.

United States United States
16 May 2021
I recommend this product
Long Lasting

Best frisbee I’ve seen. My pup just loves it. After playing with it, I noticed that my pup starting chewing on it and put a few cuts on the edge, but it still works great.

Carla B.
United States United States
29 Apr 2021
I recommend this product

Amazing, and my pup did not destroy it, like he normally does. Will be buying more!

Courtney M.
United States United States
26 Apr 2021
I recommend this product
Happy dogs, happy people

Excellent! It is indestructible, lol. One of our dogs is a super chewer! The two like to play tug of war as well as fetch. I am working on teaching our pup to catch the frisbee, but not too hard. We a just enjoying it. Thank you for a REAL durable and fun toy!

Amiee W.
United States United States
08 Apr 2021
I recommend this product
Flying disc preference

The product is as indicated: indestructible! My mini-Aussie apparently prefers this product over its competitors.

United States United States
05 Apr 2021
I recommend this product
Awesome frisbee

My red heeler loves this toy, it is her favorite. She spends lots of time just playing by herself, and when we go outside it wears her out playing

United States United States
27 Mar 2021
I recommend this product
Harley’s Frisbee

Harley loves her indestructible frisbee !!

United States United States
26 Mar 2021
I recommend this product
Amazing Product

Super durable! Our 100 pound Golden Retriever chewing machine hasn’t put a dent in it!

Robert N.
United States United States
14 Mar 2021
I recommend this product

I have purchased many indestructible frisbees, they last 2 or 3 days at best. This one has lasted 2 months & is still in perfect condition!

Andrew P.
United States United States
24 Feb 2021
I recommend this product
This dog destroyed a Kong Extreme Flyer in no time. This one is holding up amazingly well

Good. It felt a little heavy at first, but it flies great

William T.
United States United States
03 Feb 2021
I recommend this product

Bought as a gift for my friend with a 1 year old german shepherd - its been a week and its still in one piece! Apparently the pups favorite frisbee too

United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys ULTRA DURABLE Frisbee Review
22 Jan 2021
I recommend this product
Bull terrier proof frisbee

1st frisbee that my bull terrier hasn’t wrecked in a couple days!!!!! Over the moon thrilled with this frisbee & if this frisbee ever needs a replacement, will DEFINATELY buy another one from Monster K9!!!!!!!!

Susan e.
United States United States
20 Jan 2021
I recommend this product
GSD proof

I bought this frisbee because one that I use doesnt last that long with my boy Tank. He is a 7month old German shepherd and loves to play frisbee at the park. It is definitely heavier and durable than other brands. I even let him chew on it for good amount of time to see how much he can get into it, however besides little bite marks on the edge, it survived! I may get more stuff in the future.

United States United States
24 Dec 2020
I recommend this product
Great toy

My dogs are very aggressive chewers and so far this has held up well.

United States United States
22 Dec 2020
I recommend this product
Indestructible Dog Frisbee

Easy to purchase and my dog simply can't destroy it! She had destroyed every other "indestructible" one out there.

United States United States
20 Nov 2020
I recommend this product
Great Product

The item is very strong and so far indestructible. I use it frequently to play tug of war with a strong, but friendly, pit bull at the dog park. The dog wears me out, but the product has remained in tact. Of the three items I purchased (frisbee, chewring and boomerang), this is his favorite toy to play tug of war with.

John H.
United States United States
12 Nov 2020
I recommend this product
This product delivers!

My cowboy corgi, Kofi, has destroyed every toy we have ever bought him in his three years of life. This is the only toy that he has had that is literally indestructible! Highly recommend it!

Chase R.
United States United States
10 Nov 2020
Great Frisbee!!!

Very good! My dog(1y/o blue heeler) loves it! She is still getting used to it but it's great. Hasn't chewed it up yet!

Jeannie B.
United States United States