• VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Our proprietary natural rubber compound is engineered to be as strong and indestructible as physically possible. Whether you have a high-energy dog who plays non-stop, or a super aggressive chewer, our toys are designed and proven to outlast it all. Give your big dog a real challenge with a toy they’ll love!
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED: Our industrial-strength natural rubber toys are tested & approved by thousands of large dogs and the most aggressive chewers: German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Bully’s, Labs ,and more. Our toys have passed the ultimate test, with great reviews to back them up! So if your dog can destroy our toys, they are one of the toughest dogs around ;)
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Our dog toys are made with a unique natural rubber compound that is 100% safe & Non-Toxic, tested and verified by a 3rd party, and unlike most "durable" dog toys, they aren’t made of hard synthetic materials like plastic or nylon, so they won’t splinter and won’t harm your dogs dental health (not to mention your floors and furniture). For your dog’s health, and your peace of mind
  • SATISFY YOUR DOG'S PRIMAL INSTINCTS: The solid, heavy-duty design of our football toy makes it one of our toughest toys and perfect for satisfying your dog’s innate desire for chewing. And with it’s crazy erratic bounce, it is perfect for triggering your dog’s chasing and hunting instincts with classic games of fetch
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: If you buy any dog toy from us and it doesn’t last as long as you think it should (congrats -- you're in the 1%!), we will issue you a full refund or a one-time replacement at anytime during the life of the product. No return shipping, no extra cost to you -- simple & hassle-free. We take great pride in being a small, product-focused business that stands behind their products with the absolute best customer service.


Here's a Short Review from our Blogger Alli....

Writing for Monster K9 gives me the opportunity to research and write about a variety of interesting topics related to large breed dogs. As you may or may not know, I have three large breed dogs in my pack! And we’re always on the search for ways to keep these dogs tired and happy.

A well-exercised and mentally stimulated dog = a well behaved dog. It’s that simple.

Since connecting with Monster K9, my dogs have had the chance to check out all of their toys. The Indestructible Football has been a blast for my German Shepherd, Moose. He’s always up for a game of fetch, and unlike my lab, will fetch just about anything. The irregular bounce landing makes the game more dynamic, too.

That best part about the indestructible football? When the game is over and he wants to sit and chew, he doesn’t destroy the toy we’ve been playing with! The football stands up to his colossal jaw with no issues. I don’t know how many tennis balls he’s ripped to shreds when he wants to sit and chew.

german shepherd monster k9 indestructible football chew toy


This toy is 2.75 inches wide and 6 inches long. It’s a great size for fetch with a large breed dog and is surprisingly heavy. The weight makes it easier to throw and my dog seems to like carrying it around for that reason.


The football shape makes for the perfect irregular bounce. The unpredictable landing makes our games of fetch in the yard so much more stimulating, which is exactly what my German Shepherd needs! He loves the scramble to get to it. When both dogs are playing, it makes for a fun race to the football for both of them.

Like all of Monster K9’s toys, this product is made from 100% all-natural rubber. If you know me, you know that I try to minimize plastic-use and other materials with known carcinogens in all aspects of my life. I just love that these toys are made from a natural material.


  • Excellent for games of fetch because it adds an extra, unpredictable element unlike a regular ball
  • Perfect for fetch with more than one dog, they'll scramble to get to the ball first
  • Good for solo chewing because of its size, weight, and durability
  • Good for solo play too! If you have a dog who will entertain themselves by batting around a toy and tossing it up, this one fits the bill. It is heavy and bounces surprisingly far, so it’s probably best for outside solo play


With my dogs, I’ve noticed the indestructible football chew toy is a toy that’s great for fetch., but it’s not one my dogs will pick up and just chew on their own. After a good game with it, Moose totally sits and chews on the football, like he would a tennis ball—but for dogs that like to just sit and solo chew, the Indestructible Stick Toy is probably a better choice.

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Monster K9 Dog Toys Indestructible Football Review
28 Nov 2020
I recommend this product

Literally indestructible

Best toy ever! My 90lb lab loves running around with this and has chewed for hours. Have had for 2 months and best money I've spent! Barely any signs of wear for as much as he has chewed! I definitely recommend!

United States United States
22 Nov 2020


My dog loves this toy and its held up for a month of aggressive lab chewing without even a mark! Highly recommend!

Andrew J.
United States United States
15 Nov 2020

Great buy

My Richie loves his football!! He's a year and half old, blue nose pitbull! He normally destroyes every toy we buy!! We have been through bat least 8 footballs! He loves footb

Kerrie M.
United States United States
11 Nov 2020


My 100 lb dog has met his match! He loves the challenge and I love that it’s not ripped to pieces.

United States United States
10 Nov 2020


This is a really great toy. My dog absolutely loves footballs and he has destroyed a good share of them in a short time but he has not been able to destroy this football. It has a nice weight so its really fun to play fetch with and easy to throw.

United States United States
07 Nov 2020

Indestructible Football

Finally a chew toy that my Lab doesn't destroy in a few minutes! Had this for a couple weeks now and it's still in great condition! My lab loves this toy

Andrew J.
United States United States
22 Oct 2020

great product!


Jennifer C.
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys Indestructible Football Review
18 Oct 2020


My Cullen just loves it. He even sleeps with it. And it is the best. It’s even better than the Kong toys. I purchased a Kong toy. The one that looked like a tire. Well when he got done with it it looked like a pancake. And yours he hasn’t even bite anything off of it. It is great. Thank You so much I will purchases more of your toys.

Marilyn J. Gordon
United States United States
13 Oct 2020

Great toy!

Bought this for my lady friend's pitbull mix, and he can't get enough of it. He tries and tries to tear it apart, but he just can't do it, and it keeps him occupied for hours. If you want to keep your dog busy, I'd highly recommend purchasing this amazing chew toy

United States United States
11 Oct 2020

Great product

This is made super well. You can tell it is going to last a long time, and that’s with super chewers (huskies and a German Shepard). Highly recommend!

Shea R.
United States United States
03 Oct 2020

Fun shape and it lasts!

This is a fun shaped toy that my pittie has yet to destroy! He likes to toss it around for himself and it bounces in weird directions, much to his delight! He loves just laying there chewing on it too. so far (two weeks in) he hasn't gotten one piece off of it! Hurray!

Kari H.
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys Indestructible Football Review
16 Sep 2020

My Frenchie LOVES it!

As a new dog mama, hearing the words "power chewer" freaked me out. My new pup can't have toys that squeak or he goes insane. Imagine how hard it was to find toys that were strong AND didn't squeak. Thank goodness for Monster K9. We ordered a few different kinds of toys to see what he would like more. Hands down, his favorite toy so far is his indestructible football. Great customer service and super fast shipping! 10/10- highly recommend!

Jennifer P.
United States United States
Monster K9 Dog Toys Indestructible Football Review
28 Jul 2020

Recommendations are better than reviews.

We live your company SOooo much. I recommend you to all of our fellow pup parents. I was "singing your praises" on my friend's Facebook post. He lab destroyed his latest you in less than a day.

Tracy H.
United States United States
23 Jun 2020

Durable toy

This is the first football that my pitbulls haven’t managed to destroy. Heavy and durable.

Brooke N.
United States United States
01 Jun 2020

Actually indestructible

My 1-year-old puppy is incredibly skilled at tearing apart and destroying toys that purport to be built for tough chewers. He got through all of them. But this toy is ACTUALLY indestructible. He likes to play with it but can’t make a dent. It’s nice to be able to leave him with it and know that he won’t be at risk of choking on a fragment or a squeeker.

United States United States
31 May 2020


Excellent the best toys they have ever had!!! They actually haven’t torn them up!!! Well worth our purchase

Patty W.
United States United States
24 May 2020

A Durable dog toy that actually is!

I have bought many indestructible dog toys that just do t deliver. It has been two weeks and both the football and ball are going strong. My baby rounds around pa ting and chewing. Normally she destroys everything.

Theresa J.
United States United States
18 May 2020

He loves his Footballs

He loves this ball so much usually he goes through a toy I get him within two days and he had it about two weeks now and got teeth marks in them

Deborah B.
United States United States
16 Apr 2020

Great Products for Any Mega Chewer

I have a Lab that is notorious for destroying toys in minutes. Even Kong toys only hold up a month or so with him. These however, have been amazing. The only toys we allow inside because I'm not worried about finding shredded pieces everywhere. We have had the ring for over 6 months and there is barely visible teeth marks. Also bought the stick and football and both show the same durability as the ring. Highly Recommend!

Dallas, Texas, United States
15 Apr 2020


Chief says barks yea I finally got a toy l can play with and can't tear it up

Jerry L.