Indestructible ChewRing

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE:  Made from a unique rubber formula that compares to the strongest rubber compounds on Earth; made from the toughest, industrial strength natural rubber; solid, heavy-duty design; puncture resistant and virtually indestructible for even the strongest, most aggressive chewers ★★★ With a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, feel free to put it to the test! ★★★
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED:  This industrial strength natural rubber chew toy has been tested and approved by thousands of German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Mastiffs, Labs and many other aggressive chewers. And it has the reviews to back it up.
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC:  Our unique rubber compound is made from natural rubber and 100% safe materials, tested by a 3rd party lab, and is softer than plastic or vinyl toys, so there are no sharp edges or materials that splinter. For your dogs health and your peace of mind.
  • GREAT CHEW, FETCH, OR TUG OF WAR TOY: Our classic ring design makes the perfect toy for heavy chewing sessions, fetch in the yard, or the ultimate game of tug of war. It will be become an instant favorite in your household.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: We believe in 2 things: dog toys that are built to last, and top-notch customer service. If you buy any dog toys from us and it doesn’t last as long as you think it should, we will issue you a refund or a one-time replacement at anytime during the life of the product.



Here's a Short Review from our Blogger Alli.... 

As the resident writer here at Monster K9 and owner of three large breed dogs, I’m often asked, do your dogs like and use the Monster K9 toys? The short answer, a resounding YES! So I thought it was about time to do a long-form overview of some of my pack’s favorites from the Monster K9 product line.

Today I’m going to do a Monster K9 Chew Ring Toy Review, which is my Siberian Husky’s, Eyva, favorite toy, and is loved by my German Shepherd, Moose, too!

 husky with monster k9 ultra-durable chew ring toy review


The chew ring toy is just what it sounds like—a ring-shaped toy made of indestructible all natural-rubber. It’s 6.5 inches wide, or roughly the span of my thumb to pinky when I spread my hand wide. The ring is 1.25 inches thick which gives it enough thickness to work and challenge the strong jaw of our German Shepherd, but also has enough 'give' to it that our senior Husky is often found lounging in the yard chewing it as well.


The main benefit of the chew ring toy is its versatility! Some toys in the Monster K9 line appeal to a certain kind of “player” but the ring works for all kinds of play: tug of war, solo chewing, solo playing and tossing, and retrieving.

This makes it a great pick if you’re only going to get one or two Monster K9 toys, have a dog that plays in different ways, or a few dogs with unique play and chewing needs.

The other benefit is one shared by all of Monster K9’s toys, the fact that it’s made from all-natural rubber. So many dog toys on the market are unregulated and made from toxic plastic and other materials containing known carcinogens.

I’m pretty firmly team natural-only in my house when it comes to my kiddos and family, and our dogs are no exception!


  • Ring shape makes it easy for my dogs to position it in their paws for optimal chewing
  • Throw it like a Frisbee and watch it land with an irregular bounce or keep rolling for a more dynamic game of fetch
  • Play tug of war with your dog in the house with a toy that won’t rip to shreds. You may even see your two dogs play tug with each other using this ring
  • Watch your dog entertain themselves with this ring-shaped toy. Moose frequently gets his own game going where he tosses it up in the air and chases it as it rolls or bounces in our yard

german shepherd monster k9 ring toy review


The ultra-durable chew ring toy has some give to it but is pretty rigid. This makes it tough to catch on the fly and for your dog to bend while they’re chewing it, which some dogs like to do! If you’re looking for a more flexible toy that’s good for in-the-air catches and still stands up to chewing, the Frisbee might be a better choice for you.



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Super Tough Toy
They only toy my Rottweiler can't destroy
Tough toys
Ring and Frisbee
Belgian Mal approved
My dogs love it
Flexible Frisbee and Ring Toy
Best toy for my dog
My dog loves his new Ball and Chew Ring
Still in one piece!
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26 May 2020
I recommend this product

Durable and Stretchy

My boxer/pitbull mix loves to pull on this ring with me. Not only does the rubber stretch and hold up to her teeth, it doesn't **** my hand to hold as she tugs.

United States United States
09 Aug 2019


Had it for a month and she chews on it every day. Loves to play tug with it too. She’s destroyed most every other toy but this one.

09 Aug 2019

Durable enough for pit bulls!

This is the first non-Kong-ball toy that my year old pit bull hasn’t destroyed in a day. Almost three weeks, barely a nick, and is the only toy we can play tug-a-war with. This is a great dog toy for the big dog that like to chew. Well done!

Amazon C.
09 Aug 2019

Full Dog Toy for all sizes

My pit bull surprisingly hasn’t destroyed it! Great product!

Monty P.
08 Aug 2019

Only Dog Toy Ring to Hold Up to My Rottweiler!

Great, durable product! A+++

Big B.
07 Aug 2019

Actually Indestructible - My Dog Loves It

My dog is such a ravenous biter that he has recently ruined both my mattress and bit a hole in the dry wall. However, he loves this toy and cannot break it. He also likes playing keep away, tug of war, and catch with this toy. I often have to set it aside or he'll keep bugging me to play with him with it. I don't leave many reviews, but rest assured that this toy will do the trick for your dog if they love biting and destroying everything. Easy 5 stars!

Wesley P.
07 Aug 2019

Aggressive chewer recommended

This has held up quite nicely for 2 aggressive chewers. Most toys do not make the first hour without damage. This has stood the test of time.

Peter A.
07 Aug 2019

Great toy

My dog loves this toy!! We play tug of war every day, and it still looks as new as the day I got it.

Amazon C.
06 Aug 2019

Durable and safe for a large dog! Love it!!

Love this chew toy, it’s still going strong!

05 Aug 2019

Great toy for pitties

First toy that our pit can enjoy and I don't find pieces all over the house in a day. It's been over a month and no sign of it coming apart She loves it and we are very happy with this toy, will buy more toys from this company.

no n.
05 Aug 2019

Thumbs up

Great toy, English/America bully has yet to destroy

05 Aug 2019

Will last for long time.

Going at it for weeks,other than some little dents no damage! This one will last

A K.
03 Aug 2019

Passes the German Shepherd puppy test.

My GSD puppy is 8 months old and can chew up almost anything. So far this toy has been extremely sturdy and she loves chasing it.

03 Aug 2019

Good buy!!

My Aussie loves this toy!! Very durable and puncture resistant.

Amazon C.
02 Aug 2019

Round chew toy for medium size dogs .

We got this for our Big Dawg who loves to chew. It has a rubbery smell and taste to it he is not fond of but he does like to play pull Mom around with it.

02 Aug 2019

Dog loves it

Lab mix that destroys all other toys have loved this toy and not killed it 3 months later, so gets a thumbs up here

abraham G.
02 Aug 2019

Would buy again

We bought this a couple months ago and it’s still going strong. Our girl isn’t a super chewer but she has really strong jaws so she goes through toys super quick (English bulldog). Still the longest lasting toy we’ve bought, no chemical smell or side effects that we’ve noticed thus far, and the vet said her teeth are in excellent condition :)

02 Aug 2019

Great dog toy!

So my dog has had this toy for almost a month and he has not destroyed it. Every toy is usually gone within a week. The black Kong’s don’t stand a chance against him. This toy has teeth marks in it but no chunks are missing which is a miracle when going up against my 80 lb Pit. I would definitely recommend this toy for aggressive chewers.

02 Aug 2019

Sturdy and durable

Very sturdy. Two mastiffs play tug with this and it has withstood very good and the occasional chew session has not phased this chew toy.

Ramon S.
01 Aug 2019

2 days in a row and it's still in tact!!

This is only the third toy, ever, that our Chesapeake Bay Retriever has not obliterated in minutes, due to his desire to chew and tear. Thank you. We can actually have fun with our dog and his toy now, for the 3rd time. Ever.


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1183 reviews
Super Tough Toy
Wish it would have lasted longer then 10 days
Tough stuff
They only toy my Rottweiler can't destroy