Ultra Durable ChewStick Tug of war Toy - Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

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    • ULTRA DURABLE - made from the toughest, industrial strength natural rubber; solid, shock absorbing design; puncture resistant and virtually indestructible for even the strongest, behemoth-like dogs! ★★★ Backed by a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE ★★★
    • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC - You can be 100% reassured that your dog isn't chewing on some rubber ball made with chemicals harmful to your dog's health
    • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED - 1.5ft (18in) long; this industrial strength chew toy has been tested and approved by German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Mastiffs and many other aggressive chewers
    • GREAT CHEW, FETCH, OR TUG OF WAR TOY - give it to your dog and watch them put it in between their paws and chew on the end, use it for fetch, or even tug of war and keep your dog entertained for hours
    • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - if you're ever not 100% satisfied, get an instant, no questions asked refund (simply contact us on Amazon on our website)


    “Monster K9 Lifetime Replacement Guarantee”

    Every single dog toy you buy from Monster K9 comes with the “Monster K9 Lifetime Guarantee”.

    We believe that dog toys should be durable and built to last. And if not, you shouldn’t pay a single penny for them. If you ever, at any point, feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth out of any dog toy bought from us, simply contact us (on Amazon or on our website), and we’ll either issue you an instant and full, no-questions-asked refund, or we’ll send you a free replacement right away (your choice!).

    If you are looking for the “toughest dog toys on Earth”, get a Monster K9 dog toy today.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    Will go no where else for my babys toys. These products are exactly what they say. Dont know about warranty as i dont think ill ever need it ..there are this good. So glad i ordered

    Best Toys on the Market

    Our dog is a toy destroyer & most don't last more than an hour but your products have lasted MONTHS with ripping or tearing. And our dog continues to play with the Tug Of War Toy (and we also have the Ring) every day. These products are durable, fun for the dog and affordable.

    Dougie proof

    Our pit/bull terrier loves his new ultra durable chew stick and tug toy. He loves to tug, win and kill it! Thank you, great product, this is his third monster k9 toy, he hasn't destroyed one yet, when all others only last a few hours.

    So far...so good!

    Loki can destroy another indestructible chew in less than an hour. He went through 6 new toys in an hour and a half 😫.

    He LOVES HIS RING AND STICK and has been playing with them nonstop since they arrive. They are still intact and it has been a week! So, we will see if they are able to keep his mind off the kitchen rugs. He can turn one into a pile of shreds in minutes. He is cute though, if anyone is looking for a bulldog!

    Great toy

    Ordered this at Christmas for my 2 dogs. It is now almost March and still going. They have managed to chew a little off one end. They both hold it and run together and each chew on it daily. They typically destroy new toys in a few days. I’m back to order another one because this toy is so good!

    Very satisfactory transaction.

    Received within two days ARO.

    Great toy

    I only wish the toy wasn't so long. Half the size would be perfect!!!!!

    He loved it!

    My dog really liked this stick, however he is a puppy bully pit and was able to destroy this within 2 weeks. I wish I could I could find toys like this specially made for this breed - he can basically chomp through anything. We love the K9 brand and will continue to support

    1 x Ultra Durable ChewStick Tug of war Toy

    My two dogs enjoy playing with this stick together but playing time is limited because my aggressive chewer wants it to himself. The straight shape makes it easier for him to chew on the end and has put some sizable pits at the end. My fear is that with continued chewing he'll do enough damage to bite through and swallow a large chunk. It has to be taken away and put up when playing time "together" is over. No chew time alone.



    ★ Judge.me Reviews

    Let customers speak for us

    329 reviews
    Indestructible Dog Ball is indestructible, (so far!)

    We had the smaller size for 3 weeks now and the XL for 2. Our Mr. Knightley, a heavy duty chewing 75 lb Pitbull has destroyed the competition Black rubber Heavy chewing products in less than a week. These balls have lasted this time with just little indentations and chew bite marks but the integrity remains. He has not been able to "scissor" bite through them nor "Corn Cob nibble" the rubber off!
    We are very impressed and will be Monster K9 customers for ever!

    Tough Toys Great price

    My wife bought these thinking that they would last longer than most of the toys that we buy for our German Shepherd. To our surprise the frisky and tug stick are just as tough as they are described. Thank you so much.

    Got him stumped

    He is the type of dog that tries to destroy every toy I buy. The ball and the ring that I purchased from MonsterK9 has got him stumped. He has had these toys the longest out of every other ball I have purchased and they both are still intact without any missing pieces. Well worth the cost. I would recommend along with purchase again.

    Malinois Toughness

    Anything I bought Overseas, Max ate it or Destroyed it immediately!
    Monster K9 Products Rule!
    I can finally feel Safe leaving a Chew Toy with my Malinois.
    I didn't know what Max was Going to Do with Monster K9s Frisbee?
    It's become his Favorite Toy!
    He Loves to Fold It in His Mouth like a Big Taco and Go to Town on it!
    Any Monster K9 Chew Toy, One is not enough!

    Great toy for a power chewer

    We have a Dutch Shepherd that is a power chewer and destroys toys designed for a heavy chewers. This toy has held up great. We will be back for other styles.