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Monster K9 Dog Toys®

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative products that encourage a healthier, happier lifestyle, and a deeper bond between humans and their dogs.

Our Story

"Monster K9 Dog Toys® was born in 2015 with the goal of creating the most durable dog toys possible. 

Having grown up with 2 dogs that would constantly intercept and destroy baseballs during games of catch in the front yard, I could relate to the problem that I noticed many people had:  truly "durable" dog toys were hard to find.

Many that were already on the market were advertised as "durable" but in reality, didn't come close.   On top of that, they would be made in suspect facilities with questionable materials, and they had little to no regard for safety or the waste that they left behind.  These companies clearly didn't have any standards for their products.

Over the first few years, it took countless iterations of our product designs and our rubber compound until we had something we were truly proud of.  We've worked closely with leaders in the rubber industry over many years to create our products, and we hold ourselves, our products and our partners to the same high standards to this day.  Our undying commitment to these standards is the real secret behind our great products and our success."

-Quinn F., Owner/Founder

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Our Mission

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Our Product Standards

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We believe dog toys should be built to last, and if not, you shouldn't pay a single penny for them. 

This is why we use a unique, industrial strength rubber compound and back all of our toys with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. 

And on top of this, we spend a lot of time designing and testing our toys to avoid weak spots and to create heavy-duty designs that will truly stand the test of time.

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We believe that you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the toy your dog is chewing on is harmful to their health. 

This is why we use natural rubber (a byproduct of the sap from rubber trees, grown in nature).  All of our toys are made from rubber that is FDA compliant, and unlike most "durable" dog toys out there, they aren’t made of hard synthetic materials like plastic or nylon, so they won’t splinter and pose a threat to your dog's health (not to mention your floors and furniture). For your dog’s health, and your peace of mind.

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We believe that the perfect dog toy not only is safe & made to last, but also encourages healthy play and exercise.  This is why we've designed all of our toys with your dog's instinctual needs in mind. 

All of our toys are designed for chewing, fetching, bouncing, tugging, or stuffing with tasty treats.  At the end of the day, our toys should help your dog to live a happier, healthier life.

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We believe that dog toys shouldn't be a burden to the environment.

This is another major reason why we only use natural rubber (a renewable resource made from the sap of rubber trees) and also why we make our toys as durable as possible; the most sustainable dog toy is the one that you don't have to throw away.  The extreme durability of our proprietary compound allows the purchase of fewer toys over time, so that both pet owners and the environment stay happy.


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