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 Alli Wittbold is a writer who lives in the woods of New England with her husband, daughter and three (!) large breed dogs—Eyva, a senior Siberian Husky, Banjo, an adult Labrador Retriever, and Moose, a young German Shepherd that they “foster-failed” in early 2018.

Alli is a total dog-lover and believes that most obstacles you are facing with your dog can be cured with more exercise. She aims to empower dog owners to uphold the commitment they made to their furry friend by teaching them to solve common dog-related challenges and meet their dog's daily needs.

Daily off-leash hikes are how Alli stays sane as a work-at-home-mom to a toddler and three working breed dogs. Growing up in a family that always had dogs, and now with a pack of her own, she can’t imagine life any other way.  When not writing or trying to tire out the pack, you will find her trying out a new recipe in the kitchen. You can learn more about Alli on her writer website.





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Ultra-durable indeed!!

We have nicknamed our pit bull mix Roscoe the Destroyer because he chews EVERYTHING! Except the ultra-durable chew ring toy. We've had it for about 2 weeks and he loves it! We play tug of war, he flips it and chases it, and it's stood up to his abuse so far!! We bought this to replace the long baton, which MonsterK9 replaced about 6 times (thank you for that). But this seems to be a much better fit for our boy. So far, anyway!

Excellent product

Awesome quality and durability

Truly Indestructable

My dog will chew up anything, including toys made from tough materials such as the "tough" kong, or toys made of old tires or firehose. She also loves tennis balls, but will rip them apart and eat them. She loves her new ball, and she hasn't made a dent in it. Well worth the price.

indestruckable stick toy :)

the indestrutable stick toy defint has been a hit in our home with our Buddy the AB/PITT MIX ; he has not destroyed it n he loves it ; tu for providing such a great quality chew stick


My dog can’t stop playing with this new toy.