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ChewProof Guarantee

We’ll be up front…

We know our toys won’t be 100% indestructible for all dogs - I’m sure you know nothing is 100% indestructible (I hope!).

And we don’t guarantee it will last forever (nothing does), but we do guarantee it will last much longer than any other dog toy you’ve spent money on.

So here’s the deal:

1.  If it doesn’t last as long as you would’ve liked

2.  Your dog doesn’t show much interest in it

3.  Or if you and your dog talked it over and simply agree that this toy isn’t for you guys for any reason

…we will refund your money.  We only want to make and sell products that people (and dogs) love, and we will happily help you out if that’s not the case.


 Why Our Dog Toys are so Damn Tough

Natural Rubber



Natural Rubber is formed from a milky sap (called latex) that is collected from rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis trees), similar to the milky sap that dandelions give off.

The latex is then made into natural rubber, safer and more durable than almost any man-made rubber. 

It is a natural material that is both safe and extremely durable for dog toys.


Industrial Strength

There are many different types of natural rubber.  We only use the strongest type that is truly industrial-strength.

This same kind of natural rubber is so strong it is used in many industrial settings, such as machines, cars, airplane tires, and more.  For these same reasons, it also happens to make the best dog toys.  It’s a natural material with soft edges (so it's completely safe for your dog), and more durable than almost any other material you can find, so they will keep your dog occupied for a long time.



Let customers speak for us

287 reviews
Awesome product!

Our 6mo Labrador retriever loves playing fetch with this ball. It has almost no chew marks on it and we’ve been using it for almost two weeks. He gnaws on it after fetch too. I expect it will continue to hold up as well for a while as it is very heavy duty!

Puggle destroyed it in <25 minutes

We purchased the indestructible rubber dog frisbee. Our almost 2 year old puggle is a wild beast when it comes to chewing things up. We were hoping for the best, but within 25 minutes, he had it torn apart. We really appreciate the business and hope the best for you guys! We didn’t want to I’ve a bad review, because we understand that toys are never really indestructible. We just wanted to show you what our little monster was capable of! (Emailed a picture)

Ultra-Durable ChewRing - Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

My pit mix loves these and they really do last!

Only lasted 20 minutes but BEST I'VE EVER FOUND!

I bought the frisbee (lasted about 20 minutes), and the donut like chew toy (i let him chew a few minutes a night... till he gets a hunk off. Lol) I've never had toys last so long! I want more more more!!!! I'm a customer for life! (My baby is a very spoiled, very muscular pit bull. I'd love you to see a pic of him. Thank you for your toys, I need more!)


Not only big dogs destroy toys. My little shihtzu is obsessed with frisbees and finally...this one has been his constant companion for over a week. He is happy and I'm happy that there are no holes lol