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As much as you love your big furry friend, you have problems that come along with having a large dog. You probably go through dog toys like it’s nothing, are constantly trying to control the outrageous amounts of fur around the house, and more…trust us, we know…
Right now, our mission is to make the toughest, most durable dog toys you can find for your power chewers. We are a small, growing business, but we work extremely hard every single day to make that happen, constantly researching, testing, and designing new materials and toys (we take dog toys very seriously!).
Our ultimate mission is to be the one place you can depend on anytime you need something for your large dog. We want to help you with a whole product line for anything you might need for your big pup, and back everything up with unmatched quality, fast-and-free shipping, free returns, unbeatable guarantees, and the kind of customer service that makes you feel like you just checked into your 5-star hotel room with your own personal concierge.
We offer more than just our products. We offer an easy and safe way for you to get the products, help, and advice you need to be a better dog owner. And we hope you (and your dog!) will be apart of the Monster K9 community for a long time.
Monster K9 Dog Toys

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283 reviews

Not only big dogs destroy toys. My little shihtzu is obsessed with frisbees and finally...this one has been his constant companion for over a week. He is happy and I'm happy that there are no holes lol

Sofie’s New toys

She loves her new chew stick and is getting the hang of her new frisbee. These toys can handle a chewer!! Love the fact they are not destroyed in two days!!!

Great company with great toys

I got this toy for my parents’ pit bull who destroys everything given to her. She’s a spoiled prima donna and didn’t care for it. But, it has rapidly become THE toy of toys at the dog shelter my dad volunteers at. Two of the dogs found forever homes this past week and both of their new owners asked where they could get “that black thing we played with.” The prices, customer service guarantee, and shipping are all fantastic.

Great Value!

This ball is a TANK! Our dog is notorious for destroying balls left and right, but this thing is a monster. It's heavy, but rolls forever, so it's not difficult to get some serious distance on it. This thing will last a long time. Well worth the price!