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As much as you love your big furry friend, you have problems that come along with having a large dog. You probably go through dog toys like it’s nothing, are constantly trying to control the outrageous amounts of fur around the house, and more…trust us, we know…
Right now, our mission is to make the toughest, most durable dog toys you can find for your power chewers. We are a small, growing business, but we work extremely hard every single day to make that happen, constantly researching, testing, and designing new materials and toys (we take dog toys very seriously!).
Our ultimate mission is to be the one place you can depend on anytime you need something for your large dog. We want to help you with a whole product line for anything you might need for your big pup, and back everything up with unmatched quality, fast-and-free shipping, free returns, unbeatable guarantees, and the kind of customer service that makes you feel like you just checked into your 5-star hotel room with your own personal concierge.
We offer more than just our products. We offer an easy and safe way for you to get the products, help, and advice you need to be a better dog owner. And we hope you (and your dog!) will be apart of the Monster K9 community for a long time.
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Indestructible Dog Ball is indestructible, (so far!)

We had the smaller size for 3 weeks now and the XL for 2. Our Mr. Knightley, a heavy duty chewing 75 lb Pitbull has destroyed the competition Black rubber Heavy chewing products in less than a week. These balls have lasted this time with just little indentations and chew bite marks but the integrity remains. He has not been able to "scissor" bite through them nor "Corn Cob nibble" the rubber off!
We are very impressed and will be Monster K9 customers for ever!

Tough Toys Great price

My wife bought these thinking that they would last longer than most of the toys that we buy for our German Shepherd. To our surprise the frisky and tug stick are just as tough as they are described. Thank you so much.

Got him stumped

He is the type of dog that tries to destroy every toy I buy. The ball and the ring that I purchased from MonsterK9 has got him stumped. He has had these toys the longest out of every other ball I have purchased and they both are still intact without any missing pieces. Well worth the cost. I would recommend along with purchase again.

Malinois Toughness

Anything I bought Overseas, Max ate it or Destroyed it immediately!
Monster K9 Products Rule!
I can finally feel Safe leaving a Chew Toy with my Malinois.
I didn't know what Max was Going to Do with Monster K9s Frisbee?
It's become his Favorite Toy!
He Loves to Fold It in His Mouth like a Big Taco and Go to Town on it!
Any Monster K9 Chew Toy, One is not enough!

Great toy for a power chewer

We have a Dutch Shepherd that is a power chewer and destroys toys designed for a heavy chewers. This toy has held up great. We will be back for other styles.