Where are our Dog Toys Made?

Natural Rubber Dog Toys

Many dog owners are concerned where the toys they buy their dog are made, and rightfully so.  We all care about the health of our big dogs.

We love products that are made in the USA as much as the next person, and we also believe in full transparency.

You won't find any natural rubber dog toy that is both sourced and made in the US.  Any natural rubber toy that claims to be made in the US is mostly just a marketing gimmick, as the trees that produce natural rubber don't grow in the US.

Sidenote:  The same situation applies to car/plane tires, automotive parts, and many other rubber goods you use every day - you won't find a single one of these items that doesn't contain natural rubber that was grown overseas as well :)

None of this changes the fact that natural rubber is better than almost any man-made rubber for many uses and is one of the best (if not THE best) materials for dogs toys

Our toys are made in southeast Asia (where rubber trees are grown and the world “capital” of natural rubber) by companies who are truly worldwide leaders in the rubber industry.  Our toys are made only from natural rubber and other FDA approved materials, and they are 3rd party tested.  Like you, we care about the health of our dogs, and take great care to make sure our toys are safe.

While some of these other companies will “mold” their dog toys in the US, the rubber is still coming from the same place.  By having our toys made in the same location that natural rubber is grown, we are able to eliminate more of those pesky middle-men and provide more value to you as the customer.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a dog toy that your dog loves, one that is 100% safe and non-toxic, and one that will outlast the rest. 

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