"Indestructible Dog Ball" - Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

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  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - made from the toughest, industrial strength natural rubber; solid, shock absorbing design; puncture resistant and virtually indestructible for even the strongest, behemoth-like dogs! ★★★ Backed by a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE ★★★
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED - this industrial strength natural rubber chew toy has been tested and approved by German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Mastiffs and many other aggressive chewers
  • PERFECT SIZE - The size of a baseball (7cm diameter) makes it easy to throw and the perfect size for any medium or large sized dog
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC - You can be 100% reassured that your dog isn't chewing on some rubber ball made with chemicals harmful to your dog's health
  • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - if you're ever not 100% satisfied, get an instant, no questions asked refund


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Great Investment

This ball is absolutely awesome. My K9 destroys every toy I've ever gave him. He has yet to destroy or and loves playing with it. The ball also bounces well and the lifetime warranty seals the deal. Great investment

Orange chew ball

Our two labs have pretty much destroyed any and all chew toys in the matter of a few months in the past. We decided to give your orange solid ball a chance. They were able to leave teeth marks as on all other toys, but the ball did not tear further or disintegrate around the chew spots. The solid surface became more of an orange-like surface but never deteriorated more than that. We bought two more.

Very VERY Impressed

My Pitties destroy EVERY toy in minutes. (sometimes seconds) This includes many toys with a lifetime warranty that I end up just getting sick of sending them back repeatedly. The balls were delivered Friday and, while they do have little bits that have flaked off and given their poop a very festive confetti appearance, there are no large chunks missing, nothing for them to choke on, etc. This is the longest any rubber toy has lasted in their presence.

So far, Indestructable!!!!!

My 90 pound Pit Bull puppy is a chewer!!! This ball is the first toy he hasn’t destroyed yet! He lives to play catch, but also loves to chew on this ball during breaks. I only see one tiny tooth mark in it! I’ve had it for two weeks!!!

So far so good!

We have a 8 month old American bully that is a serious chewer. She can distroy the normal chew toy in a matter of minutes. When I heard about the Monster k-9 brand I was skeptical at best. She has the ball , ring and the tug and they are all holding up. All three show signs of bite makes in them but are still fully intact. I would highly recommend these toys to anyone who has a dog that ruins other rubber toys in minutes. As a comparison she was able to bite completely through a Kong at every taper on the first day she had it. I will definitely buy more Monster products when and if they to be replaced.

Awesome product!

Our 6mo Labrador retriever loves playing fetch with this ball. It has almost no chew marks on it and we’ve been using it for almost two weeks. He gnaws on it after fetch too. I expect it will continue to hold up as well for a while as it is very heavy duty!

Great Value!

This ball is a TANK! Our dog is notorious for destroying balls left and right, but this thing is a monster. It's heavy, but rolls forever, so it's not difficult to get some serious distance on it. This thing will last a long time. Well worth the price!

fantastic ball

fantastic ball.. a little small, but the size is shown..dog loves to his in his mouth.
(hound/mix) 80+ still growing..
still looking new, he was chewing others in mins.

No more shredded toys!

I have 2 rotties whose claim to fame is they can destroy all toys within 24 hours. UNTIL, I bought the Monster K9Dog toys: a ball and a ring. It has been 2 weeks and you can't even see the tooth marks. I will definitely be buying more!


"Indestructible Dog Ball" - Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

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Indestructible Dog Ball is indestructible, (so far!)

We had the smaller size for 3 weeks now and the XL for 2. Our Mr. Knightley, a heavy duty chewing 75 lb Pitbull has destroyed the competition Black rubber Heavy chewing products in less than a week. These balls have lasted this time with just little indentations and chew bite marks but the integrity remains. He has not been able to "scissor" bite through them nor "Corn Cob nibble" the rubber off!
We are very impressed and will be Monster K9 customers for ever!

Tough Toys Great price

My wife bought these thinking that they would last longer than most of the toys that we buy for our German Shepherd. To our surprise the frisky and tug stick are just as tough as they are described. Thank you so much.

Got him stumped

He is the type of dog that tries to destroy every toy I buy. The ball and the ring that I purchased from MonsterK9 has got him stumped. He has had these toys the longest out of every other ball I have purchased and they both are still intact without any missing pieces. Well worth the cost. I would recommend along with purchase again.

Malinois Toughness

Anything I bought Overseas, Max ate it or Destroyed it immediately!
Monster K9 Products Rule!
I can finally feel Safe leaving a Chew Toy with my Malinois.
I didn't know what Max was Going to Do with Monster K9s Frisbee?
It's become his Favorite Toy!
He Loves to Fold It in His Mouth like a Big Taco and Go to Town on it!
Any Monster K9 Chew Toy, One is not enough!

Great toy for a power chewer

We have a Dutch Shepherd that is a power chewer and destroys toys designed for a heavy chewers. This toy has held up great. We will be back for other styles.