How to Create a Dog Friendly Backyard

October 01, 2021

How to Create a Dog Friendly Backyard

We've been feature in a recent RedFin article!


Every dog deserves a backyard that has ample running space, room to relax, and an area to dig. If you recently moved to a new house, or are simply looking to renovate your backyard, there are many ways to create a dog-friendly backyard that your pup will enjoy for hours on end.

To help you get started, Redfin reached out to dog experts from Houston, TX to Kingston, ON, including us, to give you our best advice on how to create a dog-friendly backyard. From installing an electric doggy dog to selecting dog-friendly plants for your landscaping, keep reading to see what we had to say. Check out 11 Expert Tips to Create a Dog-Friendly Backyard.

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