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Most amazing toy for tough chewers!

This is literally the ONLY toy my Pittie hasn’t been able to destroy! He plays with this ball everyday:) This is actually my second one I bought him one last year for Christmas and he literally destroys any other toy in seconds so I bought him a second one for this Christmas:) There are bite marks in it but he chews on it a lot and loves to play fetch and it’s lasted an entire YEAR:) Thank you for making a toy tough enough for my sweet boy:)

Ultra durable chew ring toy

I have an American Bully and hes a heavy chewer. Most toys he destroys in minutes but not this one. He does leave puncture marks with his teeth but the toy is so durable he chews on it for long periods of time and it's still in tact. Best toy I've ever bought

Loved the toy - for a while

I wasnt sure if a frisbe would survive my tooth monster but figured I would give it a try. She loved it - for a day but tore a small piece off the second day. All in all I was pretty amazed that it lasted that long. I have the ring, which she also loves, and it has lasted very well. I will try the football next. Seriously - this dog is the strongest chewer I have ever met. Nothing lasts her for long.

Happy Dog

I have a tough Lab/Pit and she chews up EVERYTHING I buy her. So far so good, she hasn't chewed this up yet. I'm really surprised how tough this material is, I don't even see teeth marks. Great product!!!

indestructible stick toy

It's been almost a month and this has been a great toy! Lots of chewing and so far no little pieces bitten off. It's pliable enough to satisfy the chewing need of my dog, yet thick enough to withstand his destructive powers!