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Tough Toys for Tough Chewers

Monster K9



We believe dog toys should be built to last.

Proprietary rubber compounds with industrial strength durability, heavy-duty toy designs that hold up to tough chewers, and backed with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.


You shouldn't have to worry about your dog's safety with every new toy you buy. We want to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Made from natural rubber that is safe & non-toxic, FDA compliant food-safe, and soft enough to avoid sharp edges and splintering.


Functional dog toys that increase exercise, mental stimulation, and deepen the bond between you and your dog. All keys to a happy, healthy dog.

Built for:  chewing, fetching, bouncing, tugging, & stuffing with tasty treats. 


Dog toys shouldn't be wasteful - for you, your dog, or the environment. Too many brands nowadays are disposable; we aren't one of them.

Natural Rubber is a renewable resource that comes from the sap of rubber trees, and the extreme durability of our toys allows the purchase of fewer toys over time.



"Our girl dismantles the black Kong in hours, but loves chewing on the stick toy. Since it holds up better, she also seems less obsessive about the chewing."


MK9 Ultra™


Since 2016, we’ve invested heavily in developing our own proprietary rubber compound.  Our goal was always to create the strongest rubber compound physically possible, and to have the strongest rubber compound on the market.  After spending countless hours working with experts in the rubber industry and many iterations, we’re confident we’ve done just that. 



Monster K9 is based out of Pennsylvania, and we are proud to say that our products are also made in Pennsylvania.

Most dog toys that are made overseas face no rules or regulations and have little to no oversight into how they're made. Having our manufacturing close to home gives us a level of transparency and control that ultimately helps us create a higher quality product for you and your dogs.


Replacement Guarantee

We strongly believe in backing up great products with great service.

If you purchase a Monster K9 toy and it doesn't last as long as you think it should, we will happily issue you a full, no-questions-asked refund, or a one-time replacement anytime during the life of the product. 


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