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Natural Rubber

All of our dog toys are made of Natural Rubber, which is formed from a milky sap (called latex) that is collected from rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis trees), similar to the milky sap that dandelions give off.

After being extracted from the rubber trees, the latex is then made into natural rubber, which is safer and more durable than almost any man-made rubber. 

It is a natural material that is both safe and extremely durable for dog toys.

Industrial Strength

There are many different types of natural rubber, and not all of them are created equal.  Our unique rubber formula has been engineered to be just as tough as the natural rubber used in some of the toughest, most demanding industrial uses.

This same kind of natural rubber is so strong it is used in industrial settings such as machines, cars, airplane tires, and lots more.  

For these same reasons, it also happens to make the best, most durable dog toys.  It’s a natural material with soft edges (so it's completely safe for your dog), and more durable than almost any other material you can find, so they will keep your dog occupied for a long time.

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1051 reviews
she can't destroy it

My puppers love her rubber ring. Chewing it, throwing it, chasing it. And no black pieces to clean up!

great product

well she loves it and have hardly any teeth marks so far, love this company's products and will use for years to come

Long lasting, so far

Lasting longer than expected. We have 4 dogs while this is not their favorite it is lasting longer than most toys have.

Full Dog Toy for all sizes

My pit bull surprisingly hasn’t destroyed it! Great product!

Durable enough for pit bulls!

This is the first non-Kong-ball toy that my year old pit bull hasn’t destroyed in a day. Almost three weeks, barely a nick, and is the only toy we can play tug-a-war with. This is a great dog toy for the big dog that like to chew. Well done!