Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Toy

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - Our "Ultra Durable Chew Ring Toy" is made from the toughest, industrial strength natural rubber; solid, shock absorbing design; puncture resistant and strong enough for even the strongest, behemoth-like dogs! ★★★ Backed by a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE ★★★
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED - this industrial strength natural rubber chew toy has been tested and approved by German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Mastiffs and many other aggressive chewers
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC - You can be 100% reassured that your dog isn't chewing on some rubber ball made with chemicals harmful to your dog's health
  • GREAT CHEW, FETCH, OR TUG OF WAR TOY - 6.5 inches in diameter and 1.25 in thick; give it to your dog and watch them put it in between their paws and chew on the end, use it for fetch, or even tug of war and keep your dog entertained for hours
  • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - if you're ever not 100% satisfied, get an instant, no questions asked refund

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Customer Reviews

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Holding up to the abuse

I have had the ring for 14 days now and my yellow lab Dug hasn't gotten through it yet. He has caused some good damage and will eventually get through but it will probably take a month or two of hard chewing. He destroys the black Kongs in about 3 weeks. What's nice about the ring is there is no lips or edges for the dog to focus on. Excellent dog chew. We will replace with a new one when this one finally gets chewed through. Very happy

Monster K9 ring is awsome

I have an 8 month old Belgian Malinios who chews through most toys in a few days. K9 ring doesn't even have a scratch after two weeks. This is an incredible product for power chewing dogs.

Ultra durable chew ring toy

I have an American Bully and hes a heavy chewer. Most toys he destroys in minutes but not this one. He does leave puncture marks with his teeth but the toy is so durable he chews on it for long periods of time and it's still in tact. Best toy I've ever bought

better than any other I have tried

My dog is not large. She is a 55 lb black lab mix. She has been able to chew the tips off of every other "indestructible" dog toy I have purchased EXCEPT for the 2 Monster K9 toys she has now. She chews and chews but so far has not made a dent in them. The money back guarantee is great, too, just in case...

My aggressive chewer's favorite toy

My dog is incredibly strong and can destroy most dog toys in seconds. I've wasted a lot of money in toys I thought could withstand her aggressive chewing. We've had this toy for 2 weeks and it shows signs of heavy use but is still holding up! I love that I don't worry about her tearing it apart and she loves that we can play tug-of-war and fetch.

Finally dog toys our "monster" can't destroy!

We have a very destructive little "monster", yellow lab puppy. She chews everything, and I do mean everything: shoes, curtains, table legs, her bed, baby gate, and coupons (her favorite). She has destroyed every ball and chew toy we've gotten for her. One toy she had for 15 minutes and the guts were all over the floor. The Monster K9 Dog Black Ring and Orange ball are absolutely perfect. She cannot bite through them, but loves trying! The price was comparable to other dog toys we've bought in the past, however these are going to last! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!
Warning: These are solid, heavy toys so if your monster drops it on your foot, it's going to hurt.

Ultra-durable indeed!!

We have nicknamed our pit bull mix Roscoe the Destroyer because he chews EVERYTHING! Except the ultra-durable chew ring toy. We've had it for about 2 weeks and he loves it! We play tug of war, he flips it and chases it, and it's stood up to his abuse so far!! We bought this to replace the long baton, which MonsterK9 replaced about 6 times (thank you for that). But this seems to be a much better fit for our boy. So far, anyway!


My dog can’t stop playing with this new toy.

Great Tug Toy!

My dog loves playing tug-of-war and this toy holds up to his chewing and tugging! Love it!

Monster K9 Dog Toy

Fantastic, there still isn't even a nick in it!

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Perfect for aggressive chewers

Our lab can chew thru anything - and so far this doesn't even have a mark on it, even though it never leaves his mouth - he even sleeps with it. BEST money spend and hoping for more toys to be added to lineup - we have all of them and love them all

Very Impressed

I have to pit mixes and they are PROFESSIONAL toy killers. The big name in "indestructible" dog toys is KONG. I have chunks of black rubber all over my house in minutes. I bought this one and the ring a few weeks ago and they are still going strong. I will be purchasing more from you guys.

Our Dogs Love Them

We have a Lab/Chow mix and a Aussie/Husky mix. They love the ball and stick we bought them for Christmas and they have not been able to chew them up.

Indestructable so far

This black toy stick is living up to it's name "indestructable". My 11 mo lab puppy loves it and if no one will throw it (she lasts longer than we do) she will lay down and chew on it. She has never been able to get even a piece of it and she tries very hard. Red kong balls she destroys, but not these Monster K9 toys. She also has the black ring with is her favorite toy of all.

Great products except for the frisbee

We have several of the toys and they are great for the most part.
However, our 11 month old pup has managed to damage both frisbees we have had.

The company was kind enough to send us a replacement after our initial purchase. But she took care of that one after a couple of weeks.