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Large Breed Spotlight: All About Rottweilers

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Rottweilers are a handsome and strong breed of dogs that were originally bred to pull butcher carts and drive cattle in Germany.

Since then, this smart, strong, and protective breed has been used in military and law enforcement settings, and are a popular house guardian for the right family. In fact, they often make the top 10 most popular breed list put out by the AKC every year.

Rottweilers are loyal, playful, and great family dogs if they are well socialized, exercised, and firmly trained. Rottweilers are not a breed for a novice owner, but with the right training and socialization in place, they make wonderful companions.

Let’s learn more about this incredibly powerful and affectionate breed to see if one might be a good fit for you.

Physical traits and health of Rottweilers

Rottweilers range in weight from 80 to 135 pounds, with the largest dogs being male. They are very strong and have a muscular, athletic appearance.

Rottweilers are always black with rust markings and have a partial double coat. Their topcoat is a medium length and the undercoat is only present on the neck and thighs. They are moderate daily shedders, and like most breeds, blow their coat more extensively twice a year.

Rottweilers from certain lines may have a predisposition to hip dysplasia, heart conditions, and certain kinds of cancer. When you are researching breeders, always ask if their dogs have been tested to health problems. Many responsible breeders can prove that their lines do not contain certain health issues.

Personality and lifestyle of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are extremely loyal and intelligent. But they are also well known for being protective and often get a bad rap for being aggressive or dangerous. Sadly, this can happen with Rottweilers, but it is the specific result of poor training, lack of socialization, and inadequate stimulation.

Because of their stereotype, if you choose to add a Rottweiler to your family, you may be met with certain prejudices. People might act uneasy around your dog, you may need to carry extra liability on your home insurance, and some otherwise dog-friendly landlords may deny you.

When Rottweilers are properly trained and socialized they are known for being extremely loving, great with kids, playful, energetic, and cuddly.

Rottweilers are social dogs that do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They often find their own trouble and are known for destructive chewing when this happens. Your Rottweiler will need adequate daily exercise and mental stimulation. This is a large, athletic, working breed after all!

Thinking about a Rottweiler for your family?

Rottweilers are popular dogs for a reason, they make great companions! But you shouldn’t decide to get a Rottweiler on a whim. This is a serious dog, and if you don’t take the training and socialization seriously, your dog can become a threat to other people and animals.

If you choose to get a Rottweiler, you need to be ready to commit to firm and consistent training, early, careful and regular socialization with all different kinds of dogs, and an appropriate amount of mental and physical stimulation.

When you provide this breed with what they need, you will have a lovable, kind, and gentle dog in your family for years to come.

Do you have a Rottweiler in your pack? We’d love to hear about them below!

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