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Monster K9 Dog Kettlebell

When it comes to the Monster K9 dog toys, I love how the product offerings are unique and appealing to different types of dogs, chewers, and players.

Most often, I’m talking about my German Shepherd and Labrador, because they are young, athletic and the ones in need of serious exercise and mental stimulation. But the Dog Kettlebell landed in the favorite column of our very old Husky, who’s admittedly not that into toys these days.

She loves to sit and chew this toy and uses the handle to carry it around with her. She’s a sit and guard things kind of dog these days, so when we stuff this with peanut butter for her, she loves to carry it around the yard with her, guard it from the other dogs, and slowly enjoy the treat inside.

It’s awesome to see her finding her own source of mental stimulation from the Kettlebell!

The Kettlebell design makes this a super versatile toy (like so many in the Monster K9 line) which means it gets action from all our dogs in different ways.

Benefits and best uses for the Dog Kettlebell

Here are some things I love about this toy and design:

  • Handle makes it easy to toss and use for fetch
  • The handle also makes it perfect for games of keep away and taking it from dogs who don’t want to “drop it” during a game of fetch
  • Dogs can carry it around easily and position it for chewing in different ways because of the unique shape
  • It features a hollow center that can be stuffed with treats, peanut butter, or another homemade filling
  • You can use this toy for tug of war, too!

Drawbacks to the Dog Kettlebell

This toy is probably one of the most versatile of the whole group of Monster K9 toys. Its great for solo chewers, retrievers, independent players, tuggers, and guarders!

Seriously, this toy fulfills so many needs and interests making it a great choice if you’re not sure which toy to choose.

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