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Monster K9 Tug N’ Fetch Disc Review

As the resident writer here at Monster K9, you can bet that I know dogs. With three large breed dogs of my own: a Husky, German Shepherd, and Labrador, we’ve had our run of dog toys come through the pack.

And nothing stands the test of time (and interest!) like the Monster K9 product line! When we checked out the latest batch of toys, I was really excited about this particular toy. I like how it combines the idea of a Frisbee with a tug toy for dogs that love to play tug of war and keep away.

What’s more, a disc is a great way to practice catching on the fly. This is a way that we try to make fetch a little more mentally stimulating with our guys. This toy has been great for that as well as for tugging and keep away in the house. I love the versatility here!

Features of the Tug N’ Fetch Disc

The Tug N’ Fetch disc is the most flexible toy in the Monster K9 line. It bends more easily than the other toys, which lends itself well to catching in midair and really throwing it how its meant to be thrown.

The hand/dog mouth openings make it perfect for tug of war. We also like to play keep away with this toy because you actually have a chance of getting it out of their mouth and not just chasing them for the entire play session!

Benefits of the Tug N’ Fetch Disc

Because it is lighter and more flexible than other toys in the line, I feel good about my dogs catching this in the air. Some of the other, really solid toys seems a little too heavy for this type of play.

The hand openings make it easy to use and more versatile for different types of play––especially tug of war!

The flexibility of this Monster K9 toys may make it more appealing for senior dogs. It’s easier for your dog to position it for chewing, and the thinner design doesn’t require the entire jaw to be around it. Keep in mind that this is a drawback for a very aggressive chewer (more on this below).

Best Uses for this toy

  • Games of fetch, especially for catching in midair
  • Tug of war
  • Playing keep away/chase with your dog
  • Solo chewing for older dogs

Drawbacks to the Tug N’ Fetch Disc

This toy is a big hit with my dogs, and we haven’t had any issues with destruction. However, because it is more bendable and thinner than some of the other designs, this isn’t the best choice for a very aggressive chewer.

For dogs who want to sit and really work their (giant jaw) go for the Chewring, the bumpy indestructible treat ball, or the Ultra-durable Chewstick.


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