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Monster K9 Indestructible Dog Ball Review: Treat Ball

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Monster K9 dog toys are a favorite with my pack. When other toys bite the dust after a few days or weeks, the Monster K9 toys last and last––both in durability and keeping the interest of my three large working breed dogs!

All of the indestructible balls and discs are especially popular with my German Shepherd and Labrador because they just want to fetch All. Day. Long.

This indestructible ball is awesome because it’s a kind of hybrid of some of the other toys. We love that it has an irregular bounce, is compact more like a traditional ball, and that the design includes a hollow center for filling with goodies and homemade stuffing.

Features of the indestructible dog ball

When you see this ball, you’ll notice that it’s covered in large bumps. The design makes for a heavy, compact ball that’s great for throwing long distance, but lands with an unpredictable bounce that stimulates your dog physically and mentally as they chase after their target.

This ball features a hollow center that’s perfect for stuffing with treats, kibble or a homemade stuffing like pumpkin and peanut butter.

We love how this hollow center is wider on one end and tighter on the other. This makes it easier to stuff with things like kibble for an engaging chew session.

The diameter of this ball, and the large bumps on the surface create a great jaw workout for breeds with very wide and strong jaws like a Pitbull or German Shepherd.

Benefits of this indestructible ball design

The bumpy surface and irregular bounce are what make this a hit with my pack. My Labrador, who’s a fetching machine, becomes a lot more playful when he engages with this toy. He pounces and chases it in a way I don’t see with other dog toys.

Like I mentioned above in the features, a big benefit of this ball is that it doubles as a treat chew. We love the hollow center and thoughtfulness behind making one end of the hollow center smaller. This makes it so much easier to stuff without making a mess.

Best Uses for this toy

  • Games of fetch that challenge your dog physically and mentally
  • Long distance throwing
  • Solo chewing
  • Treat stuffing
  • Solo playing outside

Drawbacks to this indestructible ball

If your dog enjoys game like tug of war, this toy doesn’t really fit the bill. Instead, the Tug Disc, Indestructible Frisbee or Kettle Bell might be better choices.

I also find that my dogs aren’t as willing to catch this ball on the fly as they are with some of the other Monster K9 toys, like the Frisbee or Tug Disc. So if that type of play is typically for your dog, this may not be a good fit.

And if solo chewing is your dog’s jam, then the Chew Stick is the way to go!

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