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Monster K9 Indestructible Dog Ball Review: Open Design

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My pack of three: a Husky, German Shepherd and Labrador are big fans of all the Monster K9 toys. As an owner, I love that each one has it’s own benefits and unique appeal due to the different shapes and designs.

But no matter what, I know they’re all super tough and will stand the test of time––even with three large jaws on them constantly.

When we received the latest batch of toys, no toy was more loved than this one. It was the clear favorite with my retrievers: Moose and Banjo. They had a blast chasing after this ball.

Seeing it in Moose’s mouth, it’s so clearly and perfect designed for a giant jaw.

This toy has some serious bounce and the openings in the design made it good for catching on the fly at short distance, too. An absolute instant hit with my guys!

Features of this indestructible dog ball

This indestructible dog ball (one of three designs!) is a bit lighter than the other designs because of the openings throughout. This makes for a ball that can really bounce and get some distance behind it when you throw it––but doesn’t lack in durability at all.

The design causes a sporadic and unpredictable bounce landing that engages your dog mentally as well as physically in a game of fetch in the yard.

It has a hollow center and large openings that make it easy to grab for humans and dogs alike.

Benefits of this indestructible ball

The design of this ball fits easily between the back teeth of a large dog’s jaws. This seems to make it equally pleasing for fetching and sitting and chewing. It’s a toy that my German Shepherd will run off with when he’s too exhausted to fetch anymore and chew happily for long durations of time.

The hollow center and large openings on the sides of this ball (kind of web-like) make it possible to put a large-sized dog treat inside to create a puzzle challenge.

This design also makes it easy for your dog to toss this toy in the air and chase after it themselves. None of my dogs right now are much for solo playing, but in her youth, my Husky would have loved this toy for that kind of play!

I find this ball easier to throw than the other two indestructible balls. This isn’t as much of an issue for my husband who finds the other balls fine, but for me, this is a huge benefit.

Best Uses for this toy

  • Games of fetch that are physically and mentally engaging due to the irregular bounce
  • Short tosses to catch on the fly
  • Long distance throws and chasing
  • Dogs who like to solo play (the design makes it easy for a dog to toss it in the air and get it going on their own)
  • Stuffing with one large/oversized dog treat (like the giant Milkbone kind) for mental stimulation

Drawbacks to this indestructible ball

This ball design doesn’t have too many drawbacks in my mind. It’s definitely my pick of the entire line. But that’s because I have dogs that want to run, fetch, and play.

If your dog is a tugger, this toy does work for that, but the Tug Disc, Indestructible Frisbee or Kettle Bell might be better choices.

This toy is also not as friendly to “stuffing” as some of the other Monster K9 dog toys. Aside from a very large milk bone, the openings on the sides are too large.

If you like to fill toys with peanut butter or other fun homemade fillings, The Kettlebell, Treat Stick, and this dog ball, all have slim, hollow openings designed for stuffing.


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