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Monster K9 Tug N’ Fetch Boomerang

The thing I love about Monster K9 dog toys is that they are all so versatile and appealing to different types of dogs and play. So many of the offerings can be used in different ways, and the Boomerang toy is a perfect example of that.

In my pack of three large breed dogs, we have all kinds of playing styles––retrievers, chewers, tuggers, you name it. The Boomerang is awesome because it fulfills so many different needs. All three of my dogs like to get in on this particular toy!

Features of the Dog Boomerang

This toy, like all of the Monster K9 toys, is super durable and made from all nature rubber, I love that when my dogs sit and chew (and chew, and chew) I have no concerns about potential toxins.

And the shape of this Boomerang, with its three points, is perfect for solo chewing! Dogs can really get it positioned just right for optimal chew positioning.

I like that it’s easy to throw and when it hits the ground it tends to bounce in an unpredictable way. The three pointed design also lends itself well to tug of war and games of keep away.

Benefits and best uses for the Dog Boomerang

  • The toy was really designed with tug of war in mind––if you have a tugger, this is the toy you want to grab!
  • The three-pointed design of the Boomerang make it perfect for families with multiple dogs. You can tug with two dogs with this bad boy or two dogs can pull together!
  • In addition to tugging, this toy is great for fetch. Our German Shepherd is especially eager to fetch this one, he seems to really like the interesting shape as a change from the usual ball
  • Solo chewing is another great use for this toy. It’s got the durability of the Stick Toy, but the three pointed designed makes it a bit easier for some of my dogs to position it just right

Drawbacks to the Dog Boomerang

If you are really keen on a dog chew toy that you can stuff with fillings, then this isn’t the right toy for you. Instead, go for the Treat Stick or Treat Ball.

Additionally, if your dog is not super into tugging or keep away, and is really in it for the fetch or catching, then be sure to check out one of the indestructible dog balls or Frisbee instead--both are great options!

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