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Monster K9 Indestructible Stick Toy Review

Connecting with other large breed dog owners and putting out interesting dog-related content are my favorite parts about writing for Monster K9. One thing I don’t talk about enough? How much my own pack of three love these toys!

So I’m doing a little review series to help you guys decide which Monster K9 toys your furry friend will like best. Let’s talk about the Indestructible Stick Toy. Compared to the other toys in the product line, this one is a big hit with my Lab, Banjo.

To be honest, he’s not a big “toy” guy and is a total tennis ball purest at heart. But boy does he like to sit and chew! Usually that it’s the form of an actual stick or log from our woodpile, which results in a giant mess. Insert, the stick chew toy! He happily sits and gnaws away at this bad boy.

black lab chewing monster k9 stick chew toy review

Features of the indestructible stick toy

This toy is designed to be like a thick, sturdy stick. It’s 9 inches long, 1.75 inches in diameter and has a good weight to it. The natural-rubber material makes it sturdy and tough, with just enough give for enjoyable chewing by strong-jawed breeds. Like all of the Monster K9 toys, natural rubber means it’s non-toxic and has no known cancer-causing chemicals, unlike other dog toys on the market. It also lasts and lasts! I like that this material promotes canine dental hygiene, too.

Benefits of the stick chew toy

A lot of the Monster K9 toys are versatile in their uses, and the indestructible stick chew toy might be one of the most versatile! There are so many ways to play with it.

My lab loves to just sit and chew it, but my German Shepherd likes using it for games of keep-away, fetch and tug of war. He’s definitely the most playful (and energetic) of my pack, so he finds lots of ways to have fun with this toy.

The fact that it’s tough and sturdy is definitely why Banjo likes to chew it. I already said he’s not that into toys, but this is the exception. The width is perfect for large dogs to position it between their paws for a good chew session. I think it really gives him the chewing sensation he gets from bones and sticks, and I love it because there’s no mess involved. Win, win!

Best Uses for this toy

  • Great for solo chewers--get them going on it, and it’ll quickly click for them to hold it between their paws and get gnawing
  • Bring it in the yard for a game of fetch, the weight of it helps you get some distance and adds a challenge for your dog
  • Use it for tug of war, it won’t tear or shred when you play like many ropes and stuffed toys
  • Play keep away--Moose loves nothing more than being chased around by one of us (or one of the dogs) while carrying a desired object, in this case, the chew stick!

lab chewing monster k9 toy review

Drawbacks to the stick

Some dogs need a little more enticing to get on board with sitting and chewing. If this is your dog, the treat chew toy might be a better option than this chew stick. The treat chew toy is a stick shape, but it has a hollow center, perfect for stuffing with peanut butter or other goodies.


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