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Monster K9 Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Toy Review

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As the resident writer here at Monster K9 and owner of three large breed dogs, I’m often asked, do your dogs like and use the Monster K9 toys? The short answer, a resounding YES! So I thought it was about time to do a long-form overview of some of my pack’s favorites from the Monster K9 product line.

Today I’m going to do a Monster K9 Chew Ring Toy Review, which is my Siberian Husky’s, Eyva, favorite toy, and is loved by my German Shepherd, Moose, too!

 husky with monster k9 ultra-durable chew ring toy review

Features of the Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Toy

The chew ring toy is just what it sounds like—a ring-shaped toy made of indestructible all natural-rubber. It’s 6.5 inches wide, or roughly the span of my thumb to pinky when I spread my hand wide. The ring is 1.25 inches thick which gives it enough thickness to work and challenge the strong jaw of our German Shepherd, but also has enough 'give' to it that our senior Husky is often found lounging in the yard chewing it as well.

Benefits of this toy

The main benefit of the chew ring toy is its versatility! Some toys in the Monster K9 line appeal to a certain kind of “player” but the ring works for all kinds of play: tug of war, solo chewing, solo playing and tossing, and retrieving.

This makes it a great pick if you’re only going to get one or two Monster K9 toys, have a dog that plays in different ways, or a few dogs with unique play and chewing needs.

The other benefit is one shared by all of Monster K9’s toys, the fact that it’s made from all-natural rubber. So many dog toys on the market are unregulated and made from toxic plastic and other materials containing known carcinogens.

I’m pretty firmly team natural-only in my house when it comes to my kiddos and family, and our dogs are no exception!

Best uses for the Ultra Durable Chew Ring Toy

  • Ring shape makes it easy for my dogs to position it in their paws for optimal chewing
  • Throw it like a Frisbee and watch it land with an irregular bounce or keep rolling for a more dynamic game of fetch
  • Play tug of war with your dog in the house with a toy that won’t rip to shreds. You may even see your two dogs play tug with each other using this ring
  • Watch your dog entertain themselves with this ring-shaped toy. Moose frequently gets his own game going where he tosses it up in the air and chases it as it rolls or bounces in our yard

german shepherd monster k9 ring toy review

Drawbacks to the ring

The ultra-durable chew ring toy has some give to it but is pretty rigid. This makes it tough to catch on the fly and for your dog to bend while they’re chewing it, which some dogs like to do! If you’re looking for a more flexible toy that’s good for in-the-air catches and still stands up to chewing, the Frisbee might be a better choice for you.

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