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Toys For Pitbulls: Indestructible Dog Toys That Can Hold Up Against The Toughest Chewers

When it comes to breeds that like to chew, Pitbulls often top the list for being some of the toughest chewers around. Finding the right toys for Pitbulls—ones that actually hold up to some serious chewing—might just be key to your sanity!

You see, this breed can’t help their chewing. It’s your job to figure out a way to channel their inner need to chew the right way. Otherwise, you’re likely to find yourself out a pair of shoes, with a destroyed couch, or maybe worse.

So, what are the best toys for pitbulls?

  • You want to look for toys that are made from tough, natural materials like rubber which can withstand aggressive chewing without posing a health risk
  • Thick, knotted rope is another good choice for their tough jaws and play tendencies
  • Avoid stuffed toys or toys with small parts (like squeakers) which can pose a choking hazard to your Pit
  • Stay away from toys made from plastic which can result in sharp edges, is often toxic, or come off in pieces that your pup can swallow

Here we’ll take a look at how to choose the best toys for Pitbulls and link to some of our favorites.

How does your pitbull like to play?

Have you ever excitedly bought a toy for your dog only to find them disinterested after only a few minutes? It can be seriously disheartening when this happens. Especially when you were hoping the toy would provide some much needed mental stimulation and chewing relief for your pup.

The first step to choosing a toy your dog’s gonna love is considering their unique style of play. Pitbulls are known for their tough chewing, and many like to sit and solo chew, which is a great starting point. Some also enjoy a game of fetch or tug of war.

While I don’t have a pitbull, I know my dog is far more likely to sit and chew solo with a toy if I’ve recently engaged with him and that toy. For this reason, we love toys with multi-purposes. One that is great for fetch or tug AND can then sit and be chewed aggressively for hours.

What to look for in an indestructible dog toy?

When it comes to finding an indestructible dog toy for your pitbull, you’ll notice a trend in materials across brands. Far and away the best material for the toughest chewers is all-natural rubber. No material can stand up to chewing like this one.

Runner’s up include thick, knotted, double-knit rope, and nylon. While rope does stand up to some amount of chewing and pulling, chances are it’s not gonna last like a rubber toy will. And nylon chews are sometimes cited as being too tough, resulting in splintering, cracked teeth, and other dental damage.

Why is natural rubber the best pick for indestructible dog toys?

  • Natural rubber is non-toxic: when choosing a rubber toy for your dog, especially for dogs that are tough chewers, make sure the toy is made from 100% all-natural rubber. Toys created from man-made rubber, plastics, or other synthetic materials are often loaded with toxins and known carcinogens because the pet toy market is not as heavily regulated as other industries.
  • It’s super durable: there’s a reason that many of the toys marketed at aggressive chewers are made from rubber—it seriously holds up! But it’s durable without being too tough. Natural rubber has enough give that it won’t damage your dog’s teeth
  • There is a lot of versatility in size and shape: rubber dog toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means you can choose a toy that will appeal to your dog’s unique play or chewing style
  • It promotes canine dental hygiene: rubber material can help clean your dog’s teeth
  • Natural rubber makes for a safer toy: rubber toys by nature have smoother, rounded edges and won’t splinter or break apart causing a choking hazard

Toys for Pitbulls you’re gonna love

Now let’s look at some specific suggestions for indestructible dog toys based on how your pitbull loves to play.

Toys for Pitbulls who love to solo chew

  • Antlers: Deer and Elk antlers make excellent chew toys for aggressive chewers. They last far longer than bones or dental chews, but still gives the appeal and draw of a bone. Be sure you are purchasing antlers from a reputable source with good reviews, cheaper, lesser quality antlers can splinter and pose a safety hazard
  • Stick-shaped chew toys: Our natural rubber stick-shaped chew toy is a great choice for dogs who love to sit and solo chew. It’s perfectly shaped for dogs to get in between their paws and sit and gnaw like they would a regular stick
  • Stick-shaped toys you can stuff with treats: Another great choice for solo chewers, this toy is just like the stick toy, except it has a hollow center perfect for stuffing with peanut butter or other treats to up your dog’s interest level and engagement!

Toys for Pitbulls who love to fetch

  • An indestructible ball: There’s a reason our indestructible ball has 700+ reviews at 4.5 stars. Your dog will love playing fetch with it and gnawing on it afterward
  • An indestructible Frisbee: Have a pitbull that loves to jump up and catch things on the fly? Or maybe who likes to tug a little when they bring the toy back to you during fetch? A Frisbee is a great choice. And this one has some flex to it which makes it perfect for catching in the air, games of tug of war and solo chewing once they’re tired out from running
  • Thickly knotted rope ball: this is another good alternative for fetch with an aggressive chewer. While not quite as durable as natural rubber, a good knotted rope will hold up pretty well!

Toys for Pitbulls who like to play by themselves

Do you have a pitbull who will happily entertain themselves with a toy by tossing it up, shaking it and chasing it around and then chewing? For this type of player, I definitely recommend a toy that’s easy for them to grab and will provide an irregular bounce when it lands.

  • Durable ring-shaped toys are perfect for this! And will double as a tug of war toy, too.
  • Nothing gives an irregular bounce like a good old-fashioned football shape but this one has the durability to stand up to the toughest chewers

Other tips for curbing your pitbull’s chewing tendencies

You’re likely here because you are searching for the perfect toys for your pitbull. But I’m willing to guess that you’ve got a chewer on your hands.

Is your pup’s chewing becoming destructive? Need some advice about how to handle a serious chewer?

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